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National Medicines and Poisons Board
General Union of Sudanese Veterinarians
AlMughtaribeen University
Gureshi Almoshrf factory for Paints
Khartoum Teaching Hospital
Dental Teaching Hospital
Dessouki Center Specialist
National Center for radiotherapy and nuclear medicine
Schools African Council for Special Education
Company Thmar Juba
Sudan Doctors Unions
National Union of Sudanese youth
National Board of Medical Specialties
Medical University of Science and Technology
National Program for the expanded immunization
The Nama charity Academy
Rejoice Center Specialist
Association of Medical Laboratories
Union Shooting Club and fishing
Public Health Institute
Club Blue Nile boats
Abgd Hoz School
Alklm Altayb School
Omdurman Locality
Federal Ministry of Health
Almohandsen School - Althwra sector
Hamtech Business
Training Center and continuing professional development